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Mike Zaletel
email: mikezaletel (at)

My research focuses on theoretical condensed matter physics and its intersection with quantum information and computational approaches. I'm interested in developing new computational methods for attacking the quantum many-body problem, finding conceptually interesting problems to apply them to, and working closely with experimentalists to see whether anything we're saying actually makes sense. Most recently I've beening thinking about fractional quantum Hall physics, non-Abelian anyons, and their potential for quantum computing; strongly-correlated phenomena in "moire materials" like twisted bilayer graphene; frustrated magnetism and spin liquids; formal aspects of topological order and their interplay with symmetry; and exploring many-body physics in AMO systems and near-term quantum computers. I received a degree in steer wrangling from Deep Springs College, an AB with highest honors in physics from Harvard University in 2009, and a Ph.D. at Berkeley working with Professor Joel Moore. In 2018, after a postdoctoral position in at Microsoft Research Station Q and a year as a faculty member at Princeton, I returned to Berkeley as the Thomas and Alison Schneider Chair in Physics. I was happy to receive the 2018 McMillan Award, 2020 Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, and the 2022 DOE Career Award.


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Zhehao Dai
email: zhehao (at)

My research focuses on strongly correlated condensed matter systems, including cuprate high-temperature superconductors, quantum critical points with new topological characters, periodically driven correlated systems, and cats.

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Yantao Wu
email: yantaow (at)

Yantao did his PhD study in Princeton University, where he worked on renormalization group algorithms in the context of Monte Carlo simulations. Lately, he has been interested in tensor network algorithms in two dimensions, quantum dynamics, and adiabatic quantum computing.

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Bart Andrews
email: bandrews (at)

My research interests span a broad range of strongly-correlated phenomena in quantum many-body systems, and their associated numerical methods. At the moment, I am exploring some exciting problems in non-Hermitian systems, symmetry protected topology, Floquet many-body localization, quantum many-body scars, and the fractional quantum Hall effect. Prior to Berkeley, I was a postdoc at UCLA and the University of Zurich, and before that, a graduate student at the University of Cambridge.

Grad Students

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Jung Pyo (JP) Hong
email: jphong (at)

Graduate student (Princeton, 2015-)
Research interest: quasiparticle interference and transport, topological crystalline phases of matter, twisted bilayer graphene

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Karthik Siva
email: karthik_siva (at)

I am a sixth year graduate student working on tensor network methods, multipartite entanglement in condensed matter systems, quantum information theory, and experiments in superconducting circuits. Outside of research, I enjoy biking, camping, cooking, and playing guitar. Prior to graduate school, I received my bachelor's degree at Caltech and worked at DE Shaw Research.

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Tomo Soejima
email: tomohiro_soejima (at)

I am a fifth year graduate student working on numerical methods and twisted bilayer graphene. Originally from Japan, I came to US for college and studied chemistry and physics. After a brief stint in Stuttgart, Germany, I came to a good weather in 2018. In my free time, I like playing Shogi (a Japanese chess of sorts), other board games, and singing.

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Tianle Wang
email: tianle_wang (at)

I am a fourth-year grad student starting at 2019. I am interested in various topological phases of matter (such as topological insulators and quantum Hall systems), which embody both the elegance of mathematical structure and the emergent diversity of physics at the low-energy scale. I'm recently working on using numerical tools to explore the novel phases in twisted bilayer graphene and other moire materials. As for my trajectory of life, I grew up in Xi'an, China and finished my undergrad in Peking University. I enjoy hiking into nature and discovering new neighborhoods on my bike.

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Stefan Divic
email: stefan_divic (at)

I'm a grad student interested in quantum many-body systems in two dimensions. Recently, I have been trying to understand (1) the behavior of interacting electrons in partially-filled topological bands, and (2) the universal non-equilibrium dynamics of bosons coupled to a noisy environment. Prior to joining Mike's group, I did my undergrad in my hometown, Toronto, Canada.

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Sajant Anand
email: sajant (at)

Hello! I am interested in far too many research topics spanning physics and CS but am currently working on tensor networks methods for efficient classical and quantum simulations. Outside of research, I enjoy practicing classical flute, playing squash, and baking desserts.

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Taige Wang
email: tgwang (at)

I am a thrid year graduate student studying various moiré systems and fractional quantum Hall systems with numerical methods. I was born in Germany, grew up in China, and came to US for college. Outside research, I enjoy reading novels, going to concert and baking desserts.


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Vibhu Ravindran
email: vibhu.ravindran (at)

I am a second year undergraduate at Berkeley intending to major in math and physics. I am interested in condensed matter theory and mathematical physics. Outside of academics I like to play the violin and go on hikes.

Former members

Nick Bultinck, Postdoc (2017 - 2020) - Postdoc, University of Oxford
Ryan Mishmash, Postdoc (?) - Researcher, Microsoft
Xuyang Yu, Undergrad (2020-2022) - Graduate Student, UCSB
Johannes Hauschild, Postdoc (2019 - 2022) - Postdoc, TMU. Project coordinator, the Munich Quantum Valley.
Shubhayu Chatterjee, Postdoc (2018 - 2022) - Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University